April 2, 2020

COVID-19 emergency measures

Due to the spread of the Coronavirus in Greece, a series of legislative acts has been issued by the President of the Hellenic Republic establishing measures which aim at the...
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“Mediation” : The changes of law 4640/2019

The recently passed Law on mediation in civil and commercial disputes , the provisions of which  abolish the former Law 4512/2018, comes into force from 15.01.2020 for domestic/family law disputes,...
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Amazon case Seattle attorneys in the US have filled a suit before American courts against Amazon. The suit states that Amazon violates federal antitrust law by creating monopolies in online...
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Decisions of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority

Decision 1/2020 The complainant submitted a request before HDPA in order to condemn a supposing illegal violation of his personal data. The data were part of documents of his own...
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