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Amazon case

  1. Seattle attorneys in the US have filled a suit before American courts against Amazon. The suit states that Amazon violates federal antitrust law by creating monopolies in online retailing sector. Amazon is accused to force third – party sellers, having contracts and working with the company, to sell their products in every online platform and website they use, in the same prices with the ones that appear in Amazon’s site.

Covid-19 and online Dispute Resolution

  1. Corona-virus pandemic has caused tremendous changes in the society as well as in the economy globally. In China, the pandemic increased rapidly the number of domestic disputes. Based on that, the government advised dispute resolution organizations to adopt online system for resolving such disputes. Remains the question of the application of this service to international disputes as well.

Blockchain and IoT

  1. The discussion on international level concerning the new technologies of Blockchain and Internet of things and the relation between them has been increased. The focus is on Personal data protection as well as privacy issues. Since personal data are transferred, restored and processed in interconnected networks the need of further protection is increased dramatically. The use of these technologies will create a number of legal issues, which are meant to be examined by the international scientific community.

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