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About the firm

AP Legal

We are an Athens-based corporate boutique law firm specializing in the provision of  top quality legal services to local and international clients.

Our team is consisting of young talented attorneys, whom their enthusiasm and innovation is matched with the experience and deep knowledge of Senior Members of the firm. The combination of experience on niche business sectors matched with the international outlook and customer oriented mentality of our team, are the key factors that make AP legal the ideal legal partner who is capable to support any kind of legal task.

Over the years we have created strong legal practice in niche business sectors of Economy such as Telecommunications, Media and Information Technology, Green Energy, Real Estate and Property.

We are representing  and represented in the past sound local and international corporate clients coming from a broad range of industry sectors.  From high technology to traditional industries, from listed companies to start-ups.

In a period less than 10 years we have built a  strong reputation  as a leading law firm in Greece on the grounds of our clientele, expertise and range of transactions. For many years , we are ranked as a top tier and leading law firm law firm in Greece in our main practice areas by well known international legal directories.

We are committed to our clients and the merits we represent. Trust to the relation we create with them, Understanding to their needs, Responsiveness to their requirements. This is AP Legal Law Firm.


We are happy to announce that AP LEGAL has been awarded, as a Top Tier firm in Greece for 2017 & 2018 in Telecommunications – Media & Technology and Corporate & M&A Legal Practice, by the most reputable International Legal Directory, The Legal500 EMEA.

The way we do business

Clear Business Concept

We have significant legal experience, a broad academic background and a clear business understanding, as our executives have served as Legal Advisors to large multinational organizations and businesses in the New Economy. Therefore, we can very well understand how our customer thinks and what their real needs are.

Legal Solutions to Complex Problems

We give importance to the result by providing legal solutions to complex problems, without engaging the client in complex legal concepts and terminologies, but by speaking to him in a language he understands and aiming at solving his problems.

Equal Attention & Importance to All Customers

We treat all our clients with equal care and importance, regardless of their size or the type of legal support we provide.

Personalized Legal Services

We offer personalized legal services, dealing with each individual case in a unique way.

Long Term Partnerships

We invest in interpersonal relationships and that is why we have succeeded in maintaining long-lasting partnerships characterized by understanding, professionalism, systematic communication and trust.

Providing Flexible Programs

We aim to provide flexible legal support programs tailored to our clients’ needs and to ensure maximum practical and quality results.

Our team

Our team is shaped by specific selection criteria and shares the same ethical and professional values and the same vision in providing legal services to our clients and in our relationships with them.