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Εlectricity Storage Power Stations: New provisions regarding Competitive bidding procedures for the granting of investment and operational support

Pursuant to Ministerial Decision (MD) 55948/1087 which was published on 20 May 2023 by the Ministry of Environment & Energy regarding competitive bidding procedures for the granting of investment and operational support to Electricity Storage power stations, in brief it is provided the following:

  • The Total Auctioned Capacity through Competitive Bidding Procedures will amount to 1000 MW of Injection of Enhanced Electricity storage station (E.S.S.)
  • The Minimum and respectively Maximum duration from the Notice to the Deadline for submission of tenders, contrary to the draft of the MD, as submitted for the purpose of public consultation, is set at 21 and 28 days respectively and Regulatory Authority of Waste, Energy and Water (RAWEW) has been designated as the competent authority (Article 4) for the conduct of the Competitive Procedure, as defined in Article 3, shall be carried out by means of a single-stage bidding procedure;
  • The thresholds for the validity of participation and award are provided in order to ensure competitive conditions are achieved (Article 5). First, it sets a minimum number of 4 participants in each Competitive Procedure who are not Connected Persons. It also sets a maximum limit of 100 MW in the Participating Power of each power station and a maximum Participating Power limit per participant in each Competitive Procedure, which is set at 25% of the capacity tendered.
  • Article 6 sets the maximum allowable bid price for the 1st Competitive Procedure as 115,000 euro per megawatt per year, an amount which was not included in the MD draft.
  • The E.S.S. participants in Competitive Procedure A and B must have a guaranteed useful capacity of at least 2 hours (MWh/MW). Participants in Procedure C are required to have a minimum guaranteed capacity of 4 hours (MWh/MW).(Article 8)
  • The Holders of Aided E.S.S. from the Competitive Procedures A and B shall receive an investment aid of 200.000 EUR per megawatt (€/MW).
  • The Aided E.S.S. under Competitive Procedures A and B may participate in the Electricity markets either as separate balancing service entities or within portfolios which include only Aided E.S.S. (under Competitive Procedures A and B) and in cases where the total maximum capacity of each such portfolio is less than or equal to 50 MW
  • The Holders of the Aided E.S.S shall submit to RAWEW, on an annual basis, throughout the period of the Injection Period, a declaration certifying that they and their Affiliated or Associated Companies do not hold.:

(a) Aided E.S.S from Competitive Procedures A and B with a capacity of more than 100 megawatts (MW),

(b) Aided E.S.S from Competitive Procedure C with a capacity of more than 25% of the capacity tendered in that Competitive Procedure.

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