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COVID-19 emergency measures

Due to the spread of the Coronavirus in Greece, a series of legislative acts has been issued by the President of the Hellenic Republic establishing measures which aim at the prevention of the virus. Among them, supportive measures have also been implemented aiming at the support of the financial impacts in Greek economy. The following legal areas have been mostly affected:


  • Up to 10.04.2020 the obligation of the employer to register any change or modification of the working hours of employees, as well as overtime work in the “ERGANI” information system is been suspended. Any such modification shall be registered within the first 10 days of the next month of that month that the work has been provided.
  • During the same period, employers may decide to impose a remote working system.
  • During the same period, parents – employees (provided that the other parent is also working and that he/she is healthy) may apply for special purpose paid leave vapejuicedepot, due to the suspension of the operation of the Greek schools, for as long as they remain closed. This special purpose leave has a duration of at least 3 days, provided that the employee uses 1 day of his regular leave for every 3 days of the special purpose leave. 2/3 of these days of special leave are paid by the employer, and the other 1/3 is paid by the State.
  • The deadlines for the payment of social security contributions, as well as for the payment of installments, of employers, concerning employees who are paid on a salary basis may, by ministerial decision, be extended. This extension shall not be subject to any interest or surcharge at
  • Employees occupied by employers whose business operation has been suspended due to these emergency measures, are entitled to supportive measures including financial support, special purpose compensation, insurance coverage and special allowances, as specified by ministerial decision at



Businesses that have been affected financially by the emergence and spread of the COVID19 coronavirus may, by ministerial decision:

  • Extend the payment deadline and suspend the collection of debts certified by VAT returns with the amount of payable tax (debit)
  • Extend the payment deadline and suspend the collection of debts certified by Tax Offices or Audit Centers
  • Extend the payment deadline of installments or facilities of certified debts

These extensions shall not be subject to any interest or surcharge.

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