The new Electromobility Law is coming into force

The Electromobility Law 4710/2020 was published in the Official Gazette no. 142 A of 23/7/2020, introducing the financial and tax incentives for the acquisition of electric vehicles, as well as incentives reinforcing the participation in the electromobility market through provisions aiming to the organization and development in national level.

Specifically, Law 4710/2020 lays the foundations for:
– The definition of relations between electromobility market players, their operation issues and their obligations towards the electric vehicles users. In this context, the Infrastructure and Electromobility Market Registry was introduced, enforcing mandatory registration of all active parties in the electromobility market.
– The provision of financial, development and tax incentives related to the purchase, lease, use and production of electric vehicles and their chargers, in order to reinforce their entry in the market of low and zero emissions vehicles.
– The creation of parking spaces and the establishment of chargers in both public and private spaces and buildings, as well as the spatial and urban planning of these infrastructures.
– The regulation of technical issues, such as the simplification of the licensing procedures of public charging infrastructures and electricity interconnection with the electricity distribution network, the operation of service centers that undertake repairs and maintenance of electric vehicles, the training of electric vehicle technicians and the extension of their professional license scope.
– The implementation of Directive 2019/1161 / EU regarding the promotion of clean and energy efficient road transport vehicles, through the establishment of quantitative targets in public procurement.

Οn 7.8.2020, the action “I MOVE ELECTRICALLY” was published in the Official Gazette, by authorization of the new Law, with subject the definition of terms, conditions and procedures regarding the reinforcement of the purely electric or hybrid electric vehicle market. From now on, an important number of ministerial decisions is expected to be issued, in order to regulate all these specific issues that the new Law provides.

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