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April 3, 2020

COVID-19 emergency measures | Postdated checks

In order to support the business sector, and specifically the companies which have suspend their activities due to the corona virus outbreak and are included, or are meant to be...
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COVID-19 emergency measures | Corporate issues

Due to the spread of the Coronavirus in Greece, the Greek citizens, business activity and Greek economy protective and supportive measures are being increased, with more legal areas being affected...
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Renewal of Residence Permits in Greece

The Greek Immigration law contemplates a uniform procedure concerning the renewal of all residence permits granted pursuant to its provisions. In particular, the submission of every renewal of residence permit...
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Extension of the duration of permanent residence permits and statements of permanent residence permit

As part of the overall strategy of the Greek Government to restrict the ongoing spread of Covid-19 in Greece, the Greek Minister of Immigration and Asylum has issued an explanatory...
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Residence permit for investment purposes in Greece

Following a recent amendment to the Greek Immigration Law, new alternative investment options have been introduced as means for individuals to obtain a residence permit in Greece, on top of...
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