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Renewal of Residence Permits in Greece

The Greek Immigration law contemplates a uniform procedure concerning the renewal of all residence permits granted pursuant to its provisions. In particular, the submission of every renewal of residence permit application is to be filled with the competent Authorities two (2) months prior to the residence permit’s expiration date.

Nevertheless, the submission of a renewal application is permissible even one (1) month after the official expiration date of the residence permit but in this case, an administrative fine amounting to fifty (50) Euros is levied upon the third- country applicant and in favor of the Greek State. Submissions performed after the said one-month period are not admissible, unless the applicant is able to prove that the submission of the renewal application has evidently not been feasible due to force majeure or hardship.

Following the successful submission of all required documentation to the competent Authorities, the applicant is being granted with a certificate of submission of permanent residence permit application (the so-called “blue paper”). The certificate of submission of permanent residence permit application is effective for one (1) year and is renewable pursuant to the stipulations of the Greek immigration law.

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