Regulation of micromobility

Law 4784/2020 “Greece on the move: Sustainable Urban Mobility – Micro-mobility – Arrangements for the modernization, simplification and digitization of procedures of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and other provisions” was published, setting the circulation rules to which the “Light Personal Electric Vehicles”, ie electric skates, rollers, skate-boards and segway, known as self-balancing vehicles, will be subject.

With the new Law, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport wishes to create the appropriate framework for sustainable urban mobility, focusing on small vehicles and attempts to regulate the circulation of LPEVs. The main issues which are regulated are the following:

✓ Vehicles powered by an electric motor are grouped in a category of Vehicles called LPEVs, and arrangements are made for their circulation on the basis of evaluation and comparative study among other countries, based on the speed they develop:

– Vehicles that develop low speed (up to 6 km / h), ie close to the speed of pedestrians, shall move where and as pedestrians.

– LPEVs that develop a speed of 6 to 25 km / h, are considered bicycles and shall circulate where bicycles are allowed.

– For road safety reasons, the circulation of these vehicles is prohibited on roads where high speeds are developed (over 50 km / h).

✓ Issues of specifications and safe use of these vehicles are regulated with emphasis on the mandatory equipment that the LPEVs must carry in accordance with the bicycles (brakes, lights, audible warning).

✓ During the night, all LPEV drivers, including the workers in the delivery of products, who drive a bicycle, moped, motorcycle, three-wheeled vehicle or LPEV are obliged to wear reflective clothing that makes them visible from all directions.

✓ Market issues are regulated, such as the construction, disposal and supply for shared use of LPEVs, the supervision of this market and the obligations of the providers of these vehicles.

✓ The taking of measures by the local authorities for the regulation or the restriction of circulation of LPEVs and the definition of spaces for the organized parking of these vehicles is stipulated.

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