New labor bill in public consultation

The new bill of the Ministry of Labor for the “Protection of Labor” was presented on Wednesday 12.05 and is about to be put for public consultation, in order to be voted within the first fortnight of June.

The bill brings a number of changes, the most important of which are the following:

✓ A digital work card is introduced for the control and suppression of “black” and illegal overtime work as well as social contributions evasion.

✓ Overtime ceiling is increased: Overtime is harmonized with the European average and can reach up to 150 hours per year, from 96 hours currently in industry and 120 hours in other business sectors.

✓ The Labor Inspectorate is upgraded to an Independent Authority.

✓ Rules regarding working remotely are introduced and the “right of disconnection” is introduced, ie the employee’s right not to answer the employer’s calls and messages, in order to protect his family and personal life. Greece is the third country in the EU after France and Italy to legislate the recognition of the relevant right.

✓ The balance between work and family life is supported, with arrangements such as the introduction of a 14-day paternity leave, a 4-month parental leave for each parent (subsidized by OAED for 2 months), the right to flexible working arrangements for parents of children up to 12 years.

✓ Measures are introduced against violence and harassment at work. Greece becomes one of the first countries to ratify Convention 190 of the International Labor Organization.

✓ Employees are given more options in configuring their schedule based on their needs.

✓ Conditions are set regarding the exercise of the right to strike.

✓ The provision of a minimum guaranteed service (33%) in utilities (eg public transportation means) during the strikes is established.

✓ The rights of employees of courier and delivery companies are protected, through provisions regarding their labor unit activities as well as their health and safety at work.

✓ Seven sectors of the economy are added, apart from the existing ones, which will have the possibility to operate on Sundays.

✓ The regime of discrimination in compensations between craftsmen and employees is abolished.

✓ The list of cases of invalid dismissal is expanded at cbdschool.

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