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During the last years, the electricity market balance has significantly altered, as renewable energy sources are progressively gaining ground. The European guidelines enforce the reduction of the emissions of greenhouse gases, the energy efficiency increase and the growth of renewables in total energy consumption in the EU.

AP Legal law firm stands at the forefront of this rise. We have provided considerable legal advice to multinational companies which want to invest in such projects in Greece as well as in Green Technology. Our expertise in the sector encompasses a broad range of areas ranging from regulatory matters, including the licensing process and representation of companies before the Greek Energy Regulatory Authority (RAE), the drafting and negotiating of agreements related to the equipment supply, the construction, maintenance and operation of energy projects, as well as assisting state-owned and reputable private energy companies in public tenders procedures.

AP Legal law firm’s notable experience in the sector is due to our long-standing occupation with significant projects in the energy sector, as well as to the fact that eminent AP Legal members have worked in the past as in-house legal counsels in wind farm and photovoltaic project companies.