Golden Visa

Law 4251/2014 has fundamentally contributed to the gradual recovery of the Greek Economy by stimulating foreign investors to invest capitals in Greece in exchange for the obtaining of a Residence Permit.

AP Legal is one of the first Law Firms in Greece to have substantively contributed to the evolution of the market ever since the outset of its implementation back in 2014. Our solid knowledge and our active regulatory involvement regarding optimizations of Law 4251/2014 and our profound experience in all stages of GOLDEN Visa, has rendered us as the top choice for investors wishing to draw the  full potential out of their investments by obtaining a residence permit in Greece.

From the investment in small residential apartments, to entire buildings, plots and luxurious villas, AP Legal has an unprecedented track record of successfully completed purchases of real estate transactions on behalf of its non – EU clients. On top of these purchases, we have effectively assisted our clients to obtain their  residence permits in Greece while monitoring the procedure from its early stages to the final issuance of the Golden Visa.

Additionally, we always remain a top-class choice for other investment related Residence Permits as well, having represented numerous international clients to relevant cases ranging from the acquisition of Financial Independent Person Residence Permits to the issuance of work permits for foreign employees or representatives of multinational companies having a permanent establishment or wishing to invest to the Greek economy through the establishment of legal entities.